The Other Side of Religion

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In the search for essentials that shall contribute to the construction of a livable and lovable world, this is a site for religious coexistence. The meaning of religion has been misunderstood and the institutionalization of faith has become the worst evil of all evils.
Marx claimed that "religion was the opium of the masses" and he was partially right. Confusion may lead religion to serve the function of producing and reproducing senses of torturing guilt. It can also lead human faith to act as a force that divides and segregates human brothers who believe in different gods. Seen through such eyes, religion is indeed a machine of horror. But there's a world of wonders hidden in the sacred knowledge. A type of wisdom that highlights principles of respect and interconnectedness, both inherent in human beings. Every system of beliefs contains the basis of social and environmental ethics, a code of coexistence with every form of life on the planet. Such is the side of religion that this site seeks to convey. We are not affiliated to any religious institution or creed. Our only commitment is bounded to the principle of coexistence, which promotes the idea that human beings are capable of living in harmony with the rest of the Universe. We seek to highlight those elements of every system of beliefs that will one day unite our human brotherhood in a global culture of peace.